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Blockages & Drainage

Stormwater drainage: Downpipes and underground stormwater pipes are subject blockages by tree roots, leaves, rubbish, dirt and silt. They can be damaged severely if left unchecked. Opti Plumbing will locate the blockages and clean them without fuss.

Sewer drainage: Not the prettiest part of what we do, but a necessary evil as a plumber! If your toilet, shower or sink is overflowing or draining slowly, you have an issue. Often associated with foreign objects, too much toilet paper, sanitary items, hair, fat or food build up, we will check your drain grate, overflow gully and all pipes and clear it up for you.

  • “Thank you for your prompt response and the professionalism of your company. I also appreciate you explaining and marking out the problems for us as well as sending photographs of our existing piping layout and fixing the problem with the most cost effective way. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company in future.” Glenda (Cranbourne)
  • “Thanks so much for your excellent work. You are on top of the list for preferred plumber” Ana (Frankston)
  • “Thanks for all your help with the heater. I’ll definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Since I fired the heater up again it’s been working fine.” Chris (Frankston)
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