About Sanden

The Sanden Eco® Plus system

Sick of ever increasing energy and gas bills? The Sanden Eco® Plus system can save you 80% of your power expense for water heating. You may also be eligible for up to $2000 worth of government rebates for installing the Sanden Eco® Plus system – so take advantage of these rebates while they last.

Not only does it save you time and money once installed, it is the only system in Australia to employ Ozone friendly R744 (CO2) refrigerant and can make your home’s solar energy system 5 times more efficient by storing surplus solar power, which is the smarter alternative to battery storage solar systems.

Sanden products also come with a guaranteed 6 year heat pump and 15 year pro rata tank warranty. Stop the money leaking out by installing an energy efficient Sanden Eco® Plus system today and enjoy the ongoing savings year after year.

Process & Benefits

  1. Opti Plumbing takes care of your hot water system installation and maintenance.
  2. Clients can save up to 80% of their energy cost once the system has been installed.
  3. Clients are eligible for up to $2000 worth of government rebates.
  4. Opti Plumbing will organise your rebate process from start to finish.
  5. Our hot water system and rebate assistance process saves customers time and money once installed.
  6. The hot water system is ECO friendly. It is the only system in Australia to employ Ozone friendly R744 (CO2) refrigerant.

Further Features

  • Years of worry-free hot water guaranteed.
  • Batteries to store extra energy.
  • The unit last longer than any other unit on the market.
  • Ongoing maintenance offered.

Switching to Sanden is easy

Opti Plumbing installs the hot water system and organises your government rebates to the value of $2000.
It is the leading hot water system for being both efficient and environmentally friendly, saving you 80% of your energy costs ongoing.

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